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Explore the vast world, create your own sky island, and the island will give power to you.
Collect as much as you want and become as strong as you want in this open-world action RPG.

◆Game Objective
Adventure back and forth between the vast “land” and the “sky island” to develop the “sky island” that will be your base. Gather resources by using any combination of actions and customize the sky island as you like.

◆Game Attraction
By placing things on the sky island, you can gain various powers that will be useful in your adventures. You can expand the island as much as you like and place as many things as you like, so there is no limit to how much you can expand. You can create your own island and build your own character to your heart’s content.

Game Information

Genre2D open world – Action RPG
Supported devicesPC (game controller support)
Number of Players1 or more (multiplayer support planned)
DeveloperYUKIUSAGI Games
Promotional Video
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